Glitter And Pop – Love Lockdown At The VMAs

Do you even like Kanye West? Warning: This post is full of bubblegum and gossip, and glitter.

They always show these things real late in India. Everyone’s already talking about it, and you don’t know what’s happening because you weren’t there to witness the ceremony in New York City. I’d seen West being hauled on Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres and what not, but I really didn’t understand why he was being made to apologize to Taylor Swift. Before you get all whammed, they’re pop stars.

Ridiculous ones at that too. Alright, I don’t really like ‘Tay-tay’ (AT ALL!) but she didn’t deserve Kanye stealing her thunder at the VMAs this year. Imagine winning the Moonman for the best female video of the year, or whatever it was, and have a ferocious rapper come snatch the mic away and say things like ‘Beyoncé deserved it and she’s got the best video’ blu-blah.

Love Lockdown And The Moonman

Love Lockdown With The Moonman

And she probably did! Because well, “Single Ladies” is a sophisticated version of “You Belong With Me” but you can’t help but take it in your stride if the millions of fifteen year olds in America lose their minds over such shady lyrics and begin fantasizing about dancing with that high school jock at the school prom.

Another reason why we Indians are much, much better off.

Her previous song “Love Story” ? Is SO lame, that it makes me want to puke everytime I listen to it. It probably sounded ok the first time I’d heard it, but then all the tweeting on twitter, mess-up affairs with the Disney kids (Jonas brothers, Miley Cyrus, I mean, KHAMAWN!) on Facebook.

Don’t you think life was better when they were showing Full House on Zee Café every evening and all we swooned over were the Olsen twins?

Who, by the way, are totally out of the scene, but are two people I don’t mind looking up to. They paved the way for the perfect teenage drama queens, for crying out loud.

A little too perfect to be kicked out of the spotlight, I guess.

Russell Brand was pretty darn okay this year too. I expected some snider, nastier remarks but I guess they finally learned how to shut his English mouth up after last year.

Lady GaGa. I don’t know what to say. So I’m going to be indifferent. But really, what the hell is she trying to do with all that weird head gear? With all due respect (ONLY because of her love for the happy gay people) she sings about Paparazzi making her life living mayhem? Well, isn’t she practically publicising to invite them!?

What *IS* it with all the Twilight madness? (Okay, a post coming up on that, soon!)

Muse could have been better. Green Day’s beginning to appear like an evolved form of My Chemical Romance. Who by the way are completely off the hook.

And we still have dancers in the world who can do a great impersonation of MJ’s Thriller. Eminem’s become all weird. It must be the ganja.

It was a nice gesture, on Beyoncé’s part to give her Video of the Year moment away to Taylor. But I guess these nineteen year old value lacking American kids are never going to learn. The least she could have done was to thank the former Destiny’s Child star for giving her that opportunity. For all you know, Taylor Swift’s fan base probably drew out double more because of that one moment.

How the hell can you even listen to such disguised glitter?!

Its not even worth recycling

But it all kinda works out in the end. (Just like they’ve begun showing HIMYM instead of SaTC at 11 *grin*)

x EdgyShark x

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  1. Yes, people do get lured by bubblegum stuff.

    Heh. Drama queen.

  2. I spent an entire free morning of college googling for a proper video of the Kanye-Taylor Swift thing, didn’t get it all on Youtube.
    You know what I love the best?
    I don’t know if you’re a huge fantard of them like I am, but I .. man, I adore them and I’m so happy that you put their logo-thingy up. I spend half my classes talking about HAARP. (Oh you have to see it. It’s cinematic beauty as well as musical brilliance.)
    ALSO, ALSO, ALSO. HIMYM!!!!!!! A guy in my class has all of it, he downloads episodes as they’re available, you have no idea how much I adore that show. Seriously. 😀
    PS – I can’t stand Lady Gaga. I didn’t mind her, then she cited Queen as one of her influences, and that totally put me off her. Attention-whoring transvestite looking freak with vocal skills equivalent to that of a synthetic drum track.

    • Yeah, they have all trash videos. Did you happen to pass by that one guy with the fake Bin Laden mask?! Muse is love, VelocityGirl. Barney Stinson is the best. There’s this whole blog post tribute to him, somewhere on this blog, you’re welcome to siphon through! 🙂

      Keep reading 😀
      P.S. Lady GaGa’s just weird. And not even the fun weird. I’m with you on the whole attention-whoring blu-blah.

  3. the VMA’s were kinda pathetic this year. i actually regretted watching 😦

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