Reliving Odyssey 5.0

I had a dream.

Oodler and I were thriving on stage, singing some funky Doors song with the crowd going completely wild. I’ve never sounded better on the mic. What’s more, Odyssey seemed like something we literally ruled. I guess, it helps being a senior and having a way with music.

Dreams are a part of your subconscious where everything either happens in accordance to your whims, or absolutely not. And here, it seemed like every member of the faculty wanted me to send in reports, coordinate events, and be treated like a VIP.

Everyone knew me, our uniforms looked radical. Although, there really wasn’t anyone I knew out there. And it was kinda said and done that we’d won the music competition what with the amount of encores we received.

There were no snooty schools involved anywhere. Everything worked just fine.

How, I wish.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. how i wish too !

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