Outsourced: Hamilton’s Just A ‘Holiday In Goa’ !!

It’s a crazy movie, you’ve got to watch it. (A holiday in Goa, FYI, is the Indian phrase for a one night stand. )

I learned quite a number of things about India just after watching this flick. It’s just something that’s light, and is going to make you roll out of bed laughing at the silliest dialogues. And the part that’s going to attract you the most is the mere simplicity of everything.

Josh Hamilton’s the lead actor, the American who is ‘outsourced’ to a call center in Gharapuri, India to train the people. And then his boss tells him he can’t leave unless he gets the MPI per call down to a meagre 6. So he’s mostly stuck.

There are cows, and annoying aunti jis, beggar kids tugging at his shirt, spicy food, roadside chaats, and the occassional Indian imitations of brands like a ‘Mac Donnells’.

Where The Hell Am I

It’s amazing fun, to watch Hamilton adjust to the ways of Indian life, because all this while he’s resisting and trying desperately to incorporate a western culture. But he soon realises that only if he cooperates, will work become more efficient. Also, no one can pronounce ‘Todd’. They call him Toad.

There’s also a whole bollywood touch to everything. Which is quite lame, but then like I mentioned earlier, you can’t help but be amused. The damsel who he falls for, the weird hindi film tunes. At the end of the movie, Josh is so attached to Indian culture that he gets back home and puts a bindi on George Washington’s forehead, while his cellphone rings a tacky hindi song from the ’90s.

Here’s a scene you’d enjoy. It’s a switch of the accents, and Hamilton’s *really* copied the Indian english well :

Especially the head shaking, haha!

You cannot miss him dipping into the pond, playing holi and doing all kinds of things Indian. (Did you know that a bindi is actually a ‘third eye’? And the whole *reason* behind the Shiv temple?) No, I’m not going into the intricacies, go watch the movie.

It’s honestly, ridiculously funny. Actually, ridiculous should do it.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. I somehow didn’t like this movie much. Too cliched, too non-Indian.

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