Fruit Champagne Getting Forty

Happy Birthday all you whackos who were born today! (There are quite a number, judging by that birthday thing on the facebook sidebar) So THRIVE!

On the occassion of my dad making it to the fortieth digit of the metric system/number line or whatever the hell it is, we popped open the white grape fruit champagne. You’d think he’ll be happy he’s older and he’d let us have a whiff of the real stash, but no.

Go Turkey !

Go Turkey !

Those were the apple tea glasses that mom had purchased in Istanbul some eight odd years ago, and they’re perfect for doing fake shots.

Also, Peevee’s sixteen today! We surprised her in the morning by landing up at her place and caught her stuffing herself with beans and bread. And she was all “Uhhh, whoooaaa” because her mouth was so stuffed, she couldn’t even scream 😛

AQJ serves the plebian-est mexican food, but then we still enjoyed over all the gossip, the birthday video for Peevee, and me doing the *weirdest* laughs.

It’s quite funny actually, I’m drunk anyway.

Now, I’m off to wake S[I]d up. And then dinner at Starstruck or Mangio or wherever while my dad’s getting a Swedish massage done as part of his birthday present!

More birthday shout outs tomorrow, see you around. (And an entire post dedicated to whether waking Sid up was a good idea.)



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