What Has This City Given Me?

Ask not what it’s given you, but what you’ve taken from it.

Because life is not about just counting your lemons. It’s also about siding those lemons with some tequila. The lemon in my iced tea as the moment is sour. And it’s not like I like it. But that, is life. It’s been sixteen years since I’ve been in Calcutta, and all I’ve done is complain about it.

But a recent epiphany reminded the tangled up wires of my brain that there still is time. Instead of whining, I have decided to do with it what I do best: Write, and create.

I’m still not promising, but I’m going to try.

It feels like an English town, as the rain lashes against the window of the cab speeding traffic, whizzing past the dimly lit streets.

It feels like a place out of a Victorian era, as you pass Park Street and see those well dressed foreigners and daily goers alike, getting in and out of Oxford, and The Park Hotel.

It feels crowded when you don’t feel right. Crowded to an extent of asphyxiation. But it’s all in your mind.

Nonetheless, it feels fine, maybe today. Tomorrow perhaps. The day after as well.

And then there will one day be a city that I can call mine.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. I know what you mean. I have cribbed mostly about Delhi on several occasions myself. But for reasons more than one, it’s been generous to me.

    Cal, man, IS Victorian. I am dying to visit again.

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