6:41 PM, Monday Evening

I was late to French because of Inglorious Basterds. And I’m not one bit sorry. Because Tarantino made me want to jump with joy.

Quentin makes me happy. But this about fourteen minutes where four people wait outside a small desked room. Four. A decent number, especially if the gender ratios are balanced. Four. Waiting for the same thing, a couple patiently, the other two fidgeting with whatever they can.

She reached and saw the silhouette of two guys leaning softly against the teal coloured car in the driveway. She looked through the window, the room was full. Thus, the wait. She nodded an approved greeting to the two, of which one was returned, the other half happy.

The younger one, fair, über cute. The smile on his face glistened with a different kind of joy. A simple happiness reflected on his face as he went through the alternative playlist on his cellphone.

The other, chinky eyed too, didn’t bother as much. He kept flipping his chappals, trying to wait. Finally, he walked inside towards the old marble staircase.

“It’s too hot in there.” The cute one said. “You’re right,” she said. Just then, the other girl walked in through the one car parking lot. She was innocent, that was the one and only expression her countenance gave away.

The four went in, finally. Waiting on the steps. The older chink sitting on the red stairs, with his book in had already.

The other one, fiddling with the switches next to the wrecked post boxes. The girl looking through the contents of her tote for the nth time, and the fair, pink one, staring ahead.

Then, the voice resounded and they stepped inside.

x EdgyShark x


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