Climate Change Might Kill Your Knees Too

I have a feeling the climate summit conference I attended today, has left a pretty big impact on my conscience. Not to forget it was something worth attending, and certainly well presented.

Its Like Your Soul On Fire

Imagine Your Very Soul On Fire

But here’s what took place sometime ago when I was sent an invite for the above. I thought it’s a seminar for like minded environmentally inclined students, but I walked in and could only see a room full of well dressed suit-ed men and women (SEE MOM! I TOLD YOU I NEED FORMAL CLOTHES!) and felt kinda out of place in my jeans.

At least I took a decent decision of not wearing any of my smart alec t-shirts. Come to think of it, I’ve outgrown that phase altogether. *Anyway.*

But I was put to ease when I got reminded that in a room full of such adults, nobody cares. Especially when there are smart, intelligent delegates, CEOs of companies and things like that, and the topic that’s reeking out of all the grey matter present is to do with the environment, climate change and entrepreneurial growth.

We were shown two well directed documentaries on coal and growing entrepreneurial opportunites (Why New Coal, In Good Company) after which there was a discussion with a panel of esteemed people who tried to answer questions related to these things and how they affect us nationally and personally. A talk about the Copenhagen summit, ecopreneurs, as well as strategic planning and thought flow was also a part of this.

I’m not getting into the intricacies of the matter, although you are welcome to ask me anything if you wish to. It was excellently held, the entire evening, inclusive of an argument breakout at the end regarding questions related to pollution and garbage cleaning within our very own city, attacked at the representative of the KMC.

Why of course you are!

To which, I’d like to simply say, that maybe the 50+ year olds who attended today’s conference might have a problem with, and think that they’re paying taxes to no solution, but they should be reminded that there are organisations like the Calcutta Cleanup Campaign and other small ones (Chologrenade for example in my very own school, started by some of my friends,) where students from high schools, even younger, get up early on weekends just to visit areas of the city and *CLEAN* up the litter.

Today, all our schools are mostly headed towards having a greener environment, so it’s absolutely neurotic to directly blame us by saying things like we litter the place.

Most schools have different waste bins to segregate our various wastes, and mostly all our paper, chartpaper, water, everything is recycled. We have begun implementing green covers, green roofs and kitchen gardens in order to maximise oxygen release and cut down on our carbon footprint.

The problem lies in the uneducated, and the uninterested. It’s again not right to blame the poor or the illiterate, because do you even see the urban population following ethical rules in the first place? Simple things like not littering the street?!

It’s all about awareness and educating one another. It’s going to take time to make the world a better place, but if we start believing and acting upon such policies, we’ll get there soon.

x EdgyShark x

P.S: The knee killing part? Well try walking down to the Cha Bar from the American Center in flat seven minutes with a harassed bestie literally at your neck, sending you threatening texts about reaching and being turned into a ‘dying duck.’ Especially if your knee wobbles already. And Rj is Rj only.


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  1. aye.. wat did the KMC guy have to say bout this? (seems like i missed the best part..)

    • Well, he said they have door-to-door cleaning and bins everywhere on the street and all. And the fact that they’re introducing segregation of wastes on the street and stuff. To which the other guys started screaming that Cal has the WORST corporation and the metros suck beyond no measure. And then this foreigner got up and said that he’s been in the metro business for over a decade, and he can assure that Cal does not have the worst one in terms of pollution and things like that. Was pretty good to watch those men get canned like that 😛

  2. is this the “movie” i missed out on??

  3. Optimism works that way. We all know that our generation is definitely more aware and responsible towards the environment, it is the fifty somethings and their elders that made what we are having to pay for. If you think of it, they are still at it.

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