Change Of The Rocking Scooper

Change. Different. Metamorphosis.

It could be an inevitable transformation, or one of wishful thinking. Whatever it is, change like everything else has cons too, but taken in the realist sense, might be useful, and can lead one on their way to newfound glory.

I slept at a different time, without my usual green blanket, on a different pillow than always, last night. I took a new route to the American Center, walked along a different path, ordered a slightly different sub (some things are hard to change!), listened to different music in the car, spoke to different people. I tried doing sums in accountancy from a different book during class and made different French sentences (In the past tense instead of the present since that’s as far as we’ve reached). Hell, even visited a different doctor today.

And he turned out to be pretty much awesome as compared to the lunatics who’ve meddled with my medical history in the last four years.

I tried being patient and easy with people today, didn’t try and make a fuss as usual. No screaming, along with the wackiness and bipolar in check too.

Change is good. It may not be what you like, but nothing’s written. And you don’t know what’s going to happen when. Tharoor and Tarantino both turned out to be fine, didn’t they?

x EdgyShark x


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  1. i wish ppl everywhere understood that. before they decide to create a hue n cry about something just cs its different from what they’ve always seen or experienced.

  2. hmmm..brilliant stuff!

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