Eternal Bliss

What if knew you had a direct pass to living forever? What if you knew tomorrow will arrive, come what may? What if you could stare into the amaranthine sky without a care in the world, without any fear? What if …

Scientists are now apparently coming up with inventions and discoveries within the human body and surroundings that might in years’ time, help people to live forever. The fact remains, what’s the point if all fear is wiped out from the human race of having no urgency or target to exist for?

Life and eternity are as much on two sides of the same coin as life and death are. Today, the 21st century has become so fast paced with zero tolerance towards complacency because of the only reason that there’s too much to do and too little time. The rate at which technology is progressing, economies are developing and thought flow is speeding, it’s hard for anyone to stop and ponder over things. One small rest and you’ll be left far behind.

Life is about living it to the fullest before the big demise. And that’s what makes it all the more challenging. If we were to know that it’s never going to end, maybe things would be different, but it’s worth imagining an ageless existence, where time goes on, or in other words, is so slow that it never reaches the end of the road.

People might take things easy if there was a tomorrow. In today’s world, such a risk can transform into a hazardous incident that ‘could have’ been mitigated but wasn’t. But tomorrow, it could simply mean absolutely nothing.

Being a believer in ancient mythology and creatures extraordinaire, I don’t know whether to think that vampires are lucky, or whether they’ve been caught frozen in time, living this fallacy of existence. They sure do live forever, but how exciting is that? Of course, it’s silly to answer from someone else’s point of view, because you never know what they might feel. But then again, if given a chance, would you want to live forever?

Maybe I would, provided I’m seventeen, lasting permanently; immortal in its true sense. Who wants to grow up to tell people they’re a hundred and sixty seven years old? What if the population on the planet remained stagnant and undying? The young remained young, sans wrinkles and old age, and the old, well, just as they are.

No sense of danger. But then maybe, violence would take its toll, with people turning against each other, making life miserable. Those who’d want to escape to that fathomless open sky where the supreme beings reign, wouldn’t be able to. People will probably eventually make peace, but you know how those tales of yore go.

History would be of no use, you’d have living legacies waiting to talk about their perpetual happenings. Then again, someone once told me that ‘could, should, and would’ are three words that one shouldn’t ever try to use.

There ‘could’ be a lot more to this indefinite piece of writing about such a day and age. The power of thought is truly unimaginable, and everlasting.

x EdgyShark x

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  1. ok i have NO idea wat dat meant..
    guess d eternal stuff aint fr me..
    *tsk tsk*
    or maybe my medulla oblangata aint functioning properly todasy after d 5 hr long drive bak frm mondarmoni DAMN!’
    P.S. HOnestly, tracks of my tears needs a redo..!
    its KInda outta tune 😐

    • On an entirely different note, have you heard me singing ‘Tracks of my Tears’? Lol. Also, I agree about us wanting non-eternity more than forever 🙂

  2. I believe that the whole idea of existence lies in the way we see our lives. People are busy making a career out of their lives, some people chose to live a beggar’s life. It all depends on perception. In my view, life is meant to be enjoyed. Everything we do is supposed to be in a manner which we like, and adore. There should not be any place for negative emotions. Unfortunately, people take sadness, difficulties and struggles as adjectives of negative humans emotions, and that is where a society starts falling apart. They are an intricate part of our lives, we have to learn how to deal with them, and turn them into a positive flow of energy which can take us forward.

    The answer lies within us. Life is truly enjoyed when you make it worth living. When you make the most of every situation. The true essence of life remains in conquering our challenges.

  3. dats d reason i wrote d comment dumb-O!

  4. I would prefer non-eternity! Only because you know that the next second may or may not come, do you enjoy life as much as you can at the present moment!
    Though the concept of immortality IS fascinating at times..~!

    p.s- yay! Finally, my first comment on your blog!;)!

  5. Spot on. It’d be boring and aimless if you knew you will never die. People who are scared of death piss me off majorly.

  6. I guess us humans wont improve whether or not there is endless life… there will always be a reason to cringe, complaint or the likes….urgency in life has always existed, lets face it what seems to be urgent right now would seem like luxury time a few years down the line…

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