Cookie The Strange

I just wrote an entire post on the weirdest license plates, which by the way, Virginia takes the cake for, after getting awed by Dwayne Johnson’s ‘MOJOE’ on the Merc.

Just then, by the power of the internet, I got swooped to a different page with the cartoon of a goth girl with hair the color of blood, shadows surrounding her. And I remembered the picture. Rj and I would laugh over it, early in the days of yore, when we’d both got our state of the art camera phones some five years ago.

Putting two and two together, the SBF talks about this now, and then it hit me. Half a decade of trying to place who Emily Strange looks like, and it turns out, she looks like my sister.

Dark, cold, hidden. And you don’t know which one’s more under-rated. We used to play with Strange when she was a kid, the same with Ezzie.

It’s all weird and voodoo now. She’s a splitting image, and I’m sure there’s a black cat hiding under her bed somewhere. Oh right, she’s called: Silvy!

Entering her privacy posted areas is equal to an infraction of the nation’s policy. Not like I’m craving to do so, but here I am, still not sure of what my type consists of. And I’m not going to be typing myself just for the sake of it.

Because somewhere, you know there’s that soft little thing that likes fur and pink and everything that I would hurl on. Stereotypical.

Sometimes I wonder if they’re doing it just to show the world that they’re different. Just to prove a point, trying hard as hell, and yet it doesn’t work out.

Sometimes, it’s annoying as hell. But we’re somehow managing to keep the peace.

x EdgyShark x


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Posted on October 13, 2009, in Existence, Review(ing) Eccentricity and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Fur i like but PINK: NO WAY!

  2. Ohh ya and i like this post.
    Finally, you’ve written one ^_^

  3. What’s wrong with pink, I never get.

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