I Now Look Like Eddie Van Halen

In the ’90s. Which is not such a bad thing if you’re living in the 90s. But we’re not. So that means people just end up staring at you. And the humidity makes the hair even worse.

Okay, its not THAT bad!

Okay, it's not THAT bad!

Calcutta is a shady place, a place where people stare and scream and are lazy. So I got into a cab, after a meeting at 7&8 Moira Street, after having to walk quite a distance, and just sat there looking at my cellphone. The driver barely took a turn from the crossing when I realized that every thing was one way, and the only way to go back home was via an amazingly long detour which would take me more than forty minutes at the very least.

And the cabbie wasn’t even willing to go. How was I to know that?! So I habded him a hundred rupee note because that was all I had.

“Change dijiye,” he said, rather annoyed. “Mere paas nahi hai, aap dijiye.” I said patiently.

And that, provoked him. Which irritated me further. The heat on top of everything else!

He got out of the cab succeeding a round of muttering the weirdest of curses under his breath, while I glared at him even more for that, and looked around for people who would provide him with ‘chutta’.

All this while, I waited in the car, talking to Rj in order to kill the moments that so ungracefully passed. “You’re sitting alone in the cab in the middle of the street?” she inquired. “Yeah, he has my hundred rupee note, and I his cab. If anything, I can just drive and run away.”

So after he gave me one rupee less, I began walking towards wherever I thought I could reach home from.

Anyway, I did the stupidest thing. I could’ve explored and taken a tram or a bus back home with some more walking here and there, but then I just hopped into yet another cab that took me straight down.

I need a shower to make my head look saner.

x EdgyShark x

Yes, it looks a lot like this, whoever she is.

P.S. Never, get a funky haircut, sleep on it, and then go out the next day without quadruple checking what it looks like.

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  1. Looked pretty normel to me.

  2. Tch tch, youngsters in the 90s would never give a shit about their hair so much, you know. 😛

  3. + You’re a guy, Rohit. It’s different.

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