Ways To Get Your Mom To Listen To You

Tried haggling in Gariahat? Because if you haven’t experienced that, you’re missing out on something. Missing out, well, if you’ve been living in Calcutta and haven’t been to that side. And if you’re a true connoisseur of well, experience.

I’m sure, it’s quite the same in other metropolitans too, but Gariahat is crazy. I accompanied la mére to buy diyas for Diwali and if you’re a softie or a spoilt brat, please don’t visit. Pushing is the key to moving along the pavements. And haggling, is actually quite entertaining to watch!

Enough of that place for a year I guess, I feel so fatigued. All along, my mom wouldn’t even pay attention to me. I kept the really weird statements coming along in order to catch at least a couple of gazes from her, I was that out of my mind.

  • “I think I have a blockage in my heart.” Constitute it with some drama and clutch your t-shirt lightly. Stagger while you walk, and speak with a slight drool, maybe your mom will notice. Mine didn’t.
  • “I want a barbie tatoo.” Said in a whiney, immature driven voice. Yet, it still doesn’t raise eyebrows.
  • “You didn’t even let me eat those smiley fries.” With vengeance. Guilt trip.
  • “You’re a freak!” And she turns around and beams with a grin.
  • *Sniffle Sniffle.* Very sniffly. Yet, it doesn’t affect. “Go get a handkerchief, ‘freak’,” she says.

And the ultimate one. “I’m dying.”

But then, we all are. xD

x EdgyShark x


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  1. MTV tip to get your mum listen to you: If you don’t get me that shirt, I’ll audition for Splitsvilla 3. Lol.

  2. Or, or or OR if you don’t get me THOSE jeans I’ll cheerlead for KKR next IPL.


  4. “O ji, suno ji, kaiyan thhe karo ji” Go MaruS! 😀

  5. Diwali highs,.

    And lows.

  6. Hein. Got the first one from that only toh.

  7. Ei short tumi na kenbo toh aami costume-party teh bikini pore jaabi. Lol.

  8. That’s a keeper.

  9. Yeah, definitly. Bikini from UCB, I can’t wait.

  10. Or, if you don’t get me those shoes I’ll sell your Prada bag on Ebay 😀

  11. Kitne honhaar bachhe hein ham.

  12. ha ha loved this canata twishi, but now that i have gone through each of “someone”s incredulous suggestions, innovative as they may be, they wouldnt work too 😉

  13. Wow….but you are always like that….;) aren’t you ????

  14. Aah, a mother’s compliment. Always nice to hear.

  15. The one that always worked for me: I’ll have friends over.
    If you have absolute junkies for friends, this should work for you too.

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