The Planet Bends Between Us

Happy let’s pollute the environment day to you too.

Why are people so excited and spirited? I’ll tell you. It’s because of what our roots and mythology’s taught us through the centuries. The good guy defeated the bad guy, came back home to cheer and delight, and thus, in order to symbolize victory, lamps were lit to overthrow darkness.

But I like darkness.

And so do at least twenty one hundred other people. And we are going to try and not destroy whatever’s left of this alien planet.

Yes, because mythology taught us to make noise and contaminate the air.

What’s to be so excited about? Your lungs turning the color of charcoal or your air pipes getting blocked to such an extent that you’re going to die of parched lungs?

My knees right now are as screwed as the planet is.

And no, I still don’t care about you.

x EdgyShark x

P.S If you love crackers that much, instead of trying to burst them, why don’t you put cheese in between and eat it?


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  1. Love you, Edgy1

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