You Know You’re Back In School When..


You are compelled to walk up four floors of weirdly marbelled staircases after almost thirty days of luxurious living that includes entering elevators as a sport. And then, you begin feeling p.h.a.t and fatigued in a very short while due to the ginormous amounts of lazing around and switching from Star World to HBO during the vaction.

You hear a cheery voice tell you “Good morning Love!” and “Good morning Sunshine!” Good morning to you too, Mrs. Singh.
Yes, just that. I find it hard to express my undying love so well, I feel I will fail in the task if and when I do carry it out.

You enter class, and the first thing everyone asks you is “OMG! Have you finished with your assignments and projects?!” and the standardised answer that resounds across the four walls is “D-uh, no.”

You know you’re going to get bored by those lame english chapters that CBSE poses.

You know that Business Studies 101 is not the place to catch quick 6-minute naps. And thus, late nights should be spent watching French movies. (Who cares?! French, is good.)

You know that you need to attain tact once again (due to lack of practice), of keeping the internet browser open on a corner of the taskbar in order to do such things, i.e, blogging, when the teacher’s going through other people’s java codes during Informatics.

You know that there are all kinds of seminars, meetings, quizzes, debates, workshops etc to cater to because you’d signed up for them earlier not thinking they’d turn out to be such a pain.

You can’t remember where your pencil is.

You see all kinds of people aroudn you who you’d hoped you’d get respite from. Respite time out’s over, mate. It sucks, I know.

You start counting down the days and cutting dates on your calendar till the winter vacation.

x EdgyShark x

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