It’s Perfectly Fine To Be Gay

As far as my statistical analysis has taken me, I find that most gay men are emo too. And it’s purely psychological.

They’re afraid of how their orientation might be perceived, and that’s just sad. Because they’re people after all! Receiving the worst kind of glares from beings around them makes them insecure, makes them shiver inside.

If you’re trying to locate the most harmless creature on Earth, go to someone who’s gay. They have issues, people should just leave them alone. What *is* the big deal anyway?

Rohit Verma intrigues me. It’s not nice, the way he’s so scared and people make fun of him. But the best part? He’s so confident about himself, he should be a role model for people out there.

Nobody understands them. Nobody understands anyone anyway. All people need is some grist for the gossip mill, and off they’re headed. Just because their lives are fine, they’ll reach the zenith to make sure they make others’ worse than the Fields of Asphodel.

Gay men, I find, have a better dressing sense than most men out there, present themselves better, and are extremely sensitive to others’ feelings. If you’re going to argue on that and say that women have a special corner for them, well. Men like tomboys too. Because they can relate with them.

I’ve been on both sides. I’m not gay or anything, but I used to be a tomboy. And used to be perceived as part of the boy-band. So I know what it feels like.

And when it comes to the question of leaving each one to themselves, everyone has to raise a finger. What are they doing to you by ‘being’ gay? They can’t help it. They’re born that way. And they’re born to live too.

Look at the pluss-es, they’re not even adding to the over burdening population in any way.

We’ve got to remember, no one owns the world. So you can’t seclude anyone. You do, what you feel like.

Live, and let die.

x EdgyShark x

P.S. EdgyShark likes them gay mates. x)

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  1. Like it makes a differece

    Actually everyones life is deeply and irreversibly messed up! which is why they find it easier to point fingers than spend any time on their own miserable excuses for existence!

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