The Cliques

We’ve been four really close individuals for a decade now. And we’ve grown to live with each other’s differences – both matter and opinion. Our names are Fifteen, Thirteen, Nineteen and Sixteen. And we have epiphanies in snack bars during the frequent rendez-vous’ and night outs together. We fit in in high school too, even though we’re all scattered now. Yet, we always get to thinking, “What If..” Well. Here’s what.

Fifteen is shy. Apprehensive, but not diffident. She might seem like an open book to many around her, yet isn’t so. Excellent at manipulating emotions as well as people, and possesses the qualities of the perfect narcissist. The High School Cheerleader, perhaps. Loves thriving, and sports. As well as the usual mascara touch ups. Doesn’t like to admit her love for fur and frill, and tries to be stone cold. Very assertive. Very charming. Very fair and pretty.

Thirteen is just too excited and hyper and could be passed off as the cutest little thing jumping from the walls of the Beebleboos all across the other side to the Beeblebeans. Tall and punk, she’s The Annoying-Funky-Sister. She’s hip and cool. And she can’t stop scribbling gremlins or talking. x) She whizzes by with a myriad of colors, and you can just tell, she’ll probably make it to the popularity list in the senior year with all the perk and math inclined brains.

Sixteen is bipolar. In it’s normative as well as scientific way. She mixes with everyone, yet her best mates are just the close ones. Pretty open about her thoughts and feelings, and a tad bit misunderstood. She is The Bitch That Rules The News Paper. Her beliefs lie within the proximity of truth, and her mind tends to rage storms inside all the time. Very expressive, dynamic and professional, she tends to lose herself at times, psychologically. She doesn’t care about all those who make snide remarks about her, because Nineteen taught her she’s better than that. No you can’t catch her. Because if she’s not busy working, she’s probably in a pub somewhere, downing Fosters’ or espresso shots with the mates, watching football while alternative booms in the background.

Nineteen. Is quite calm and mature. She’s The Loner. The artist who doodles in her notebook and tries to blend in with the crowd. Nineteen detests drama and wants things set straight. Also, very in-your-face kinds, she’s taught these above mentioned other Stitch Punks a hell lot about life, love and other disasters. Extremely diligent, she finishes whatever she knows she has to. Extremely precise, her sense of style never loses it’s allure. An excellent taste in music and books as well, which include all kinds of genres. She does what is right, and no more. She doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Nonetheless, the temper’s not quite stable, and the sarcasm is quite cutting-edge. You might just want to stay away xP


And these freaks are all still happily living after.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ love it! ❤ ❤ ❤

    though the scribbling gremlin has nothing coz it was started with fever so…. i will start soon enuff …. when i am up and about

  2. Lovely, lovely post.

    Welcome back.

  3. The Frill?
    I never was a fan.

    -the teeth lay forgotten-
    Delighting post.

  4. Wow…urmika this is a wonderful blog…I just loved reading it ….
    very very insightful about you all !!!

  5. sangita marda agarwal

    edgy, this is one of your best post ever. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!

  6. Awesome!! 🙂 Nineteen appreciates your talent at skillful verbose portrayal of complexly composed freaks!..n now she shall get back to her litigation agreement before the freaks cost her the internship 😛

  7. *Like* Someone’s back 😀

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