Three Awkward Hugs

Not one, but three.

Hugs are things that you don’t really see coming, unless of course, you’re the one who initiates them. Otherwise, the spontaneity that the huggee¹ receives can really lead the situation to become gawky and inelegant. Except if the huggee really knows how to handle the circumstance.

Let’s take a look.

Situation One

Venue: Someplace Else
Time: Late evening
Hugger: Sambit

Sambit and I met after quite some time. He’s gone on to become a national drummer and I’m trying to figure out what’s next. In between, there are calls and texts and plans to meet which almost always somehow get screwed up because of whatever the obligation may be. So anyway, he’d invited me to a gig, and I was only too delighted to accept.

We met, and a handshake dawned polite to me. But apparently, to him, a hug. I honestly didn’t see it coming, because if I would have, then I’d have probably not let my hand get squished between him and me. Heh.

Very amiable and friendly it seemed only right.

Awkward, but nice.

Situation Two

Venue: VM Auditorium
Time: No clue, since I was in the auditorium the entire day managing the fest.
Hugger: Mrs. Anand

This probably took place at the end of the fest that we had yesterday. And since I was one of the main people in charge of well, everything, I stayed right till the end and even after. Mrs Anand is a very docile and humble woman who managed to help us put the entire show together and make it a success. And since she was SO happy by the end of everything, she was hugging everyone in sight.

Well, okay. Not everyone, just these other two people. Might I add, she must’ve accidentally hugged a journalist too in the middle of all the excitement.

So I went towards all the drama and emotion soaking out, only to be recieved with a hug. She’s almost as tall as me, and the hug was quite compact. So I didn’t know where to put my head. Like, on her shoulder or not on her shoulder. She’s a teacher after all, it’s weird.

So my neck was all craned, and I didn’t even know where to hug her back because my hands were full of papers and wires or something. Neither did I know when to pull off! Because she just wouldn’t let go. Well, I’m happy for her everything was such a success. And she’ll probably hug me next year too.

Awkward, but nice.

Situation Three

I forgot what situation three was. You must be having one.

And I bet it was awkward, but nice.

x EdgyShark x

¹Person who gives the hug.


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  1. i like it

  2. Ex girlfriends. Awkward, and once it’s over, the girl ends up thinking if it was the usual kind or the awkward variety. In either case, you’re screwed.

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