The Dilemma Of Lost Pencils

It’s a Catch-22 situation, believe you me.

So you’re sitting in class, and you’re done with the text. You need thrill. You’re not the kind of person who whiles away an hour staring at the dull walls and the listening to the corollary drone of the murmur that’s abuzz. Your mind races past even Dalí and Velasquéz. You *have* to put that doodle down on paper. You have to write how that emotion feels.

And thus, amidst the chaos reigning in your mind, you search for your pencil case. Level one complete. You found it. You proceed to open the metal zipper, as your mind’s slowly losing control and the thoughts are shooting past, quicker than lightning. Where the hell is that pencil when you need it the most?!

And then, you end up not finding the pencil, the active lava spewing in your mind in the form of abstract emotions subsides as quickly as it had begun at the time of eruption, and everything’s back to normal once again. And normal is equal to hate.

It’s the same old story, day after day. You take the pain to look for a fresh new, nice pencil, carefully sharpen the tip, and the next day, it’s gone.

Be wary of pencil thieves. Or the weird phenomenons of daily existence that cause pencils to get lost.

Maybe there’s a pencil land where all the pencils of the world (in your pencil case) disappear off to.

The Lord Of The Pencils, Monsieur Pencil King summons all his pencil subject-people-objects to appear before the Lead Court, and they can’t refuse, so they apparate from that lovely case that you have in order to obey him and fulfill his demands. Which probably range from grooming his slender body, sharpening his wit, and or getting ‘lead-dy’ for war against the eraser world.

Yes, that must be it.

x EdgyShark x


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Posted on October 29, 2009, in Existence and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 12 Comments.

  1. i love it

  2. brilliant!

  3. TRES TRS BIEN..!! i like…!!

  4. hahaha lovely 😀

  5. ge(e has accent on it)nial! fantastique!
    leaddy—> ❤ hah!

  6. did it ever occur to you that you cud borrow a pencil ?

  7. interesting…. hmm… so is THAT where i go next time im supposed to be in bula’s class with stationry??

  8. Damn, yeah. I am told some have moved to iPhone applications to doodle and stuff. That sucks. How can a phone (even though it’s an Apple product, I am going to say this) take over pencils?

  9. Brilliant. You are almost there!

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