The Limits That One Needs To Look Into

Climbing freaking four floors of marbelled mansion sized stairs at the Statesman house for work every Sunday.

Again climbing four floors to reach class throughout the week.

Eating chocolate in moderation. Who the bleep does that!?

Climbing deux etage to get to the French library. And there also I’m greeted by the worst receptionist I’ve ever seen, who never answers my queries because he’s too busy planting them virtual darned crops on bloody Farmville.

Tennis is ruled out, and so is the gym.

Freakin’ NaNoWriMo has begun. And I’m still sitting here typing this crap out.

You guessed it, I am SO mad today. Freaking’ blu-blah. You know, there’s only so much even I can take.

x EdgyShark x

P.S Go die. Oh wait, you’re not even capable of doing that.


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Posted on November 1, 2009, in Existence and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Lift? Perhaps.. 😀

  2. Like it make a difference

    N stop saying Bleep! 😛

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