Things You Can Get For 7 Rupees

Buy a packet of Lays. And still have 2 bucks left.
Buy gum or Polo or something with the remaining 2 bucks.
Buy really cheap tea. But then I guess even the price of that’s hiked up.
Buy coffee. Which is 6 bucks, I guess. The remaining 1 you can try giving to a beggar, but I bet he’ll throw it back at your face.

Or, you can throw that 1 buck on your boss’s face when you leave the firm. Freaking DUD owns a bloody Merc and can’t afford more than 7 rupees of petty cash!!
Buy your boss. I bet he would come for 7 rupees. xD

Ask your boss to increase the allowance 3 rupees more because then you can buy the BIGGER packet of Lays, which would suffice for lunch.
OR – Small packet of Lays, *alongwith* tea/coffee. (Like, you’ve really got to bribe your chaiwala to make it work if he starts harping on about recession.)
Oh, bleep. Bribing requires cash also.
In that case, you can give him some of the awesome advice you’re always giving me. Maybe advice on how to save money, that way he’ll also save more, and you just might get today’s tea for FREE!
And then you can save today’s 7 rupees and add it to tomorrow’s.
Thus, you’ll have 14 awesome Indian rupees.
With which you can double on the above. Or save, and get richer the third day. (What’s another day gone by without food in your tummy, haa?)


Thus,: OMG, I think I can be the next Donald Trump.

x EdgyShark x


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Posted on November 2, 2009, in Existence and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Hahahaa!

    By the way, the new 5 Rupee coins are pretty fucking awesome. Sleeker. (gold in colour tough)

  2. Lol! True…and I had my parents recall what all they did for ten bucks back then! It would cost me close to five hundred bucks to do that now or maybe more.

    • I know! They keep telling us about yesteryears, but everything’s still so expensive when it comes down to fishing out of your own pockets!

  3. lolz…. this one is absolutely true….these boss are all the same…. God I dont want to boss around!!

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