Three Species: No Wait, That’s Idiots

Urmika: Throws hot red Manolo Blahnik at Vora.
Digveer: I doubt Vora would know its value. She would probably chop off the heel make it into a bunch of toothpicks.


This is like better than the Mona Lisa

Shreya(Vora): I dont like Blahniks. I prefer Jimmy Choos.
Urmika: Promiscuous tastes, dahhling.
Shreya: “Buuuut, vuww, you’re dodging the topic” *Urmika throws the other one at Digveer” That was supposed to be in asterisks.
Urmika: No, I will not.
Shreya: Digveer caresses it
Urmika: Because you’re being stupid. And D and I probably share more wholesome complications than that.
Digveer: Any decent psychologist would call you sexually frustrated , Vora.

Yes, we are like that only.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Hahaa @ D.

  2. *Bows* to someone.

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