You’re 20!

You have descended. The process has begun.

20 isn’t old, but you’re not a teen anymore. Like you know, responsibilities, and work. We can jump on the bed, but you’re going to be cautious about it. We can get drunk, but it’s probably going to be like  “You drink, I’ll watch.”  😛  Ehh, you were always like that, ne pas? xP

Love you, crazy biatch. I don’t even know where to begin, and where to end. Every time I try and write something for you, the words don’t come. Not because I hate you that much, no 😛 but because it’s hard, love. There’s just so much, and it’s always better when even though we have the words to say, we understand the feelings through the eyes.

It’s happened in the past, it’ll probably happen again, but then we’re so thick that it’s not likely to snap because of anything or anyone. Stickin’ with you, always.

Signed: Sl****W**** !!


x EdgyShark x


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