The Fake Hangover

Person reading this please note: A fake hangover is not called so because it is not a serious affair. Au contraire, it is exactly that, probably worse than a real one, but no assumptions to be made without actual experience of the situation.

And I think I’ve come to the conclusion that this was one of the worst hangovers, like in ever. It’s all good when you’re getting the cork to pop out, drinking straight out of the bottle. And even losing your mind before; posing with it pretending to have won a pole position at the Singapore grand prix, and spraying the podium with alcohol.

A hangover takes place when you get drunk and sleep on it. Now getting drunk, is not a mean feat. And no, it doesn’t necessarily include the use of glowy absinthe. Because sometimes, even oxygen can do the trick. (You know, the whole too-much-of-anything-is-not-good argument …)

We laughed. And rolled around. Clicked about a gazillion photographs, and laughed some more.

However, as the wee hours of morning approached, we had to bid adieu, like every other star accepts the shining power of the Sun, without much resistance.

The day began with agitation. Recklessness, and the desire to catch a six minute quick nap for about eight hours. What a distant dream that seemed like.

No caffeine to help me out of the madness that raged within the membranes of my brain. Not even the hints of a sane conversation or left overs of the night that lasted, stuck around to assist the storm that went wild.

My head hurt during class. And my thoughts ran amock. I became what I become at rare times like these: Philosophically outrageous.

And since I don’t talk much when confined within the walls of that campus, I wrote my frustration down on paper. In French that too.

There are very few humans left on Earth. People waste way too much time on materialistic things. I feel like time’s running out.

You know what, you’re going to realise that on your own sometime. Until that epiphany occurs, continue on like you’ve been doing. It’s your life anyway.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Too much of anything is never enough.

  2. Damn, this is like college time for me.

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