It’s Crazy And I Like It!

Seriously, if you do get a chance to live a day in my life, go for it. I’d be glad to lend one out to you. But, you have to promise that you won’t let me down and that you will, to the best of your abilities, do everything possible to make that day as awesome as any other day in the fallacy of my existence.

Sleep seems like something that I’m not going to get for a long, long time now. Because even if I do try, I’m haunted by the random-est of thoughts that skim the top of my brain, waiting to spill out.

It’s all work. It’s crazy. And it’s the way it should be.

I attend every class that needs to be attended, otherwise make amends in order to understand what I wasn’t taught. Yet, life is full of doors, and the thing with me is that I want to open every door/opportunity and not even say no to a single one.

Or maybe I can’t, I’m not able to.

Red Bulls don’t help either, I thought they would, but they just make my head go dizzier. I’m booked till a couple of months to come, and I’m still squeezing every other piece of work into my tight schedule because I want to have my cake and eat it too.

I’m tired now.

Yet I love running against time.

x EdgyShark x




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  1. Hurry home, hun.

  2. Yeah, okay, but no hitting with bags and throwing water.

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