The Proposal

It’s a wonderful feeling to be asked out by someone, but even better perhaps, when you do it yourself.

Kinzal accepted, and we’re so very happy. At least now she wont crib about sharing her graph book since we’re together and all. We still have our ground rules though.

Each individual is on her own and free to do whatever the hell she wants to, gawk at other men, hit on them even. It’s more like an open market policy, this whole thing, laissez faire.

No strings attached, and that’s the only way I can handle something, anyway. You do your own thing, I’ll do mine and when we’re together, we’ll be together and have an awesome time.

Mrs R: Where is your work?
Me: *Snatches Kinzal’s book* Here.
Mrs R: Where’s the statistical analysis?
Me: Oh, well. I didn’t bring that book today.
Mrs R: Aah, okay, make sure you do later.
Kinzal: *After Mrs R walks away* Maan, she really must have a crush on you. She spares you all the time! (of course in lesser words.)

I will hold your hand through thick and thin, (and those of others too :P), KJ. In any case, I’m always there so let’s not get all sappy.

x EdgyShark x

P.S. This entire post was a pun intended too.



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  1. Haha, Yeah, I concur with the “Laissez Faire” bit pronounced as Laa-zi Fair.

  2. And sweetheart, I so adore you, Im already in love with you..When do we meet up next, to end up looking at the fan, Honey ?

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