You’re A Crazy Breed, Indeed

I have a feeling I was too into the whole Chris McCandless thing.

Look, even though I got hit hard by the entirety of the situation and began adopting his ideals into my life, I need to remember and retain certain things still. I maybe tired of society, but I cannot be tired of my family and whatever there is to it.

I’m extremely sure of adopting a similar path in life as and when I do gather enough courage to do it, but till then, I need to learn how to be happy. And stay that way.

I need to know that I cannot lose my mind. Just because I take on the world does not mean that I forget what my actual purpose in life is. Taking over the world is only going to be easy as long as I am calm and patient and take it slow and easy. Because otherwise, it’s nothing but a whirlwind of hurricanes.

But I lose it sometimes, because to err is my forte.

And enjoy while you do something, because what else are you doing it for?

I have no idea who I’m telling this to, you or myself. Either way, it can still prove to be beneficial.

So like, have an awesome trip, mom and pa.

x EdgyShark x


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Posted on November 18, 2009, in Existence and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Take over the world! That sounds so like you. I am surer than anything else that you will succeed in doing so. You will. Take over yourself and keep taking steps towards your larger goal. Love you with or without your idiosyncrasies. Take care and have oodles of fun !!

  2. love you edgy. this post is making me feel so good and light. have fun at Vibes!!

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