Butterflies And Hurricanes

The following is an (abridged) excerpt of a very thoughtful message that was passed between two close friends. Butterflies and hurricanes, yes.

“It’s all an amazing way of defining life as we know, and live it.I dont know if you didnt realise, but well, that is exactly how life is. May it be work, school, whatever you do, even if you do it for sometime and begin to enjoy it.

I kind of feel the same way, you know. I used to hate school, but now that Im liking my subjects and teachers and everything, and getting used to things, being the main centre of attention and all, I know I barely have a year left and its going to soon whizz by like a hurricane.

And then you’re thrust into your non-comfort zone again, while you put in all your effort to try and make that all nice and awesome.

That is the reality, its life’s way of telling us that we dont fit anywhere unless we make ourselves the most comfortable in the most awkward of situations. And once we’re done with it, we’re thrust with more nonsense which we try and unfurl and make sense out of.

But as far as I know you, you’re going to handle it well. And Im there to reassure your senses and to let you know that  you *know* you’ll do awesome. This feeling’s going to last for sometime, but just hold on tight, it’s always going to be a bumpy ride.”

x EdgyShark x
P.S: “Tu na badli, main na badla, Dilli saari dekh badal gayi” is the only thing that’s been playing on my lips all day long now xD

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