The Little Things Give You Away

I realised something today.

It’s not the system that’s screwed. It’s the people who’re screwing it and making it worse. Yes, it’s never the circumstance, it’s always what people make it out to be. A random mishap took place today, where the fault I agree was mine.

But it wasn’t something life threatening, and people should realise that. They should come to terms with the fact that what we need are fresh and dynamic minds. Not old, rotting ones that think all the same traditional things everyday and lose themselves if something goes wrong.

We need to be the change instead of expecting it to come from elsewhere.

So to speak, school doesn’t suck. It’s only some absolute lameness present within some people in there that makes the entire process suck worse than god only knows what.

It’s high time people began to just learnt to ‘let go’ of certain things that happened and *could have* stemmed into huge disasters, but DIDN’T!

It’s high time people began appreciating others for what little things they do instead of criticising every thing they do. Whatever maam, I’m only here a little while. And I know you’re loving it that I’m here. It’s just because you know that the more you have of something, the less you value it.

Go ahead, I’ll be gone. Very soon.

Then you’ll have other people to pick on. It’s a vicious cycle. Yet, no. It’s not making you better. It’s just proving your stagnant sense of immaturity.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Fill me up on this.

  2. Nice facebook Integration πŸ˜€

  3. That’s my photo πŸ˜€
    Yet no credit? 😦 is where you’ll find it.

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