The World Will Follow After

I feel so good right now.

No, there’s no particular reason. But there are a number of reasons. I’ve been all out independent for the last couple of days, not much useless interaction, all the perfect amounts of meeting/talking to the perfect people, feeling good because of the feeling of achieving certain ounces of satisfaction, the long car drives, the awesome music.

This is when it feels absolutely perfect to miss the ‘right’ people too. But it’s all good. There’s missing, but there’s feeling good about it too.

I also have a feeling, Counting Crows have a part to play for my perkiness. And we can’t forget the weather also.

The perfect cold weather, the perfect chai. The perfect old friends, the perfect location. And still, the perfect person to miss. The perfect texts at the perfect times. The perfect way my hair blows in the wind, and across my face.


x EdgyShark x


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  1. the entire thing has an awesome feel good factor to it 🙂

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