You Are Alone, I’m Guessing

I think it’s a big deal.

Coordinator of the Year award at the Statesman, like finally. And I think somewhere in my mind, I am happy about it. But it’s not coming out. And I don’t think this is how I am. If I’m happy, I show it, scream it out. But there’s just something about this happiness that I don’t like.

I want to share it with someone. Yet, there’s no one to share it with as such. So the only thing that someone did for me, was Mukul sharing a latte, 🙂 . And then a whole lot of drowning our sorrows about our various non existent counterparts, “This is what I did when I won the award two years ago …. ” and me laughing about his whined up relationship.

This is what I wanted when I joined the newspaper. I was, but a meek little kid with absolutely no experience but some hope of being at the top and doing the best I can. And about making a difference, and being heard and seen. And then, I also had a vision of being centre stage and winning that beautiful trophy, having it in my hands. Because at that time, it seemed like a distant dream, something only my seniors were capable of achieving.

I contemplated a great deal today. About how it is that at times like these, you really understand who’s with you, and who’s not. I wish I had more people to share this with, because even though it’s nothing but an asset to my sense of accomplishment, I still want someone else around.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. Because they say you come alone, and you go alone.

But I still believe that if you don’t have anyone else, it kinda sucks.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. congrats…u finally got wat u wanted and im sure u deserved it!!

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