The Wild Life

I don’t want to live in/with society.

I want to live like an animal, I want to run like an animal, into the wild. No clothes, no shoes, no inhibitions. I don’t want to have to think of half a billion consequences that my actions are going to land me in. There’s not enough time to live like that anyway.

I want to live in the wild forests, below the green trees and in the serenity of the tranquil waves of the sea. I don’t want to be answerable to everything anything I say, or justify anything I do. Because we were never meant to live like that, and mankind is losing faith in its own self.

I wish people would listen to the call and wake up to an epiphany that not only preaches, but also helps them practise what it was like, the time that man was first born. When the roots of Adam beautifully haunted the cherished greenery in nature’s lap.

When Adam was lonely, and so was born Eve.

I believe that man was one, and broke into two because you always require that one companion. You cannot live alone.

But that is how it was intended. No more, no less.

And I am going to do exactly that. When the time is right, when the universe helps me to conspire against all of selfish humanity.

No, I don’t even need the universe. I just need you. And I know you know that I need you. And I know you need me too.

Live on, into the wild. Just like we did in our past lives. I believe you and I were together even then, if not physically, then in our thoughts. Because our thoughts have been running parallel beside each other, racing across the universe for light years now.

Now, they have created friction, after all this time. As far as we can remember.

And that, is the beauty of it all.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. I like the no clothes part 😀

  2. Unique….nice post!! 🙂

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