My Life Would NOT Suck Without You

And it’s true. So I don’t understand why these silly pop singers/songwriters harp on and on about the fact that their life would be meaningless sans, pop and glitter, and “you”.

It’s not just a trap. Now I’ve begun to understand why extremely small amounts of the population like the 49 of us philosophically outrageous beings left on the face of the earth have an emotional range equal to that of a teaspoon. That’s because we don’t get easily swayed by layered music sung by wannabe Kurt Cobains and whatnots.


Because even if ‘they’ go away, your life is NOT going to end up sucking. Then again, it will suck like nothing’s sucked before if you continue giving yourself such high amounts of self respect by screaming such songs on top of your lungs to while away your time and get all MUSH-ED.

You’ll be very messed up for sometime and everything. But then if you love yourself, you’ll get up and survive.

I wish people weren’t so ‘silly’. Stop being lame!

Okay, I’ll try and be polite now. So look, I bet you’re really hurt because ‘they’re’ gone. But instead of wallowing in self pity, I’d suggest you try and pick up the pieces, and keep the memories afresh. Because since those are all you’ve got, you’d rather cherish them.

And then see how well the supreme beings that belong to the universe are going to treat you. And only because you’ve learnt to treat yourself so well.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. The statement of truth does not change by the number of people following it…ironically somebody’s truth is somebody’s fallacy.

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