Like Rip Van Winkle

When I was a little baby, my mother accidentally fed me some medicine that was intended for grown-ups, and since that was a sleep inducer, I slept for two days straight, without any interruption by my spirit, while my mother believed I was not alive any more.

Now I’m a grown up, and I’m intended to take the pill adults are supposed to take. But even then, it’s mental. I took it last night in order to stem a whirlwind of allergies, and don’t remember anything since I slept. My dreams, thoughts, nada.

I wasn’t able to wake up in the morning and go about my daily routine, and now I know, it was because of this. Even on the phone yesterday, I have no idea what I said. I’ve slept for some thirteen hours now, and my head still feels like it’s falling off my neck.

You say weed and alcohol are things that would make one pass out? Haha, this is like till where my capacity to endure all this would stretch out to. It’s mental.

x EdgyShark x

P.S. I could have written a lot more, but I just can’t bring my eyes to open properly.

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  1. twish, dont even remind me of the time i fed you that potion…and ya..i was scared tight cause you slept without moving an inch for two or ws it three days!!!!

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