Hawkers Are Like Rappers

I noted down really weird things during Business Studies/Economics today because I didn’t want to fall smack on the table and have forty pairs of eyes staring at me.

Thus, hawkers are like rappers. Because according to Mrs Sen Ghosh, they have excellent oratory skills because they are able to sell all kinds of nonsense just by screaming. I scream all the time, and I still don’t get what I want.

Aradhana mentioned the rapping part because they even get jiggy with politicians. And they just plain shout weird nonsensicalites and utter the most normal of words in the weirdest of dialects, thus attracting customers. Oh right, there was something else about them hopping onto long distance buses and being the best kind of small scale retail outlets.

We were also studying extreme values and positional averages today. This is what I gathered (apart from of course actually knowing the real things too :P)

Extreme Values:

Mean  ……..     Median
Keira Knightley  ……….    Pamela Anderson
Shashi Tharoor ……….    Mamta Banerjee

We were also asked to work on fresh questionnaires. Suddenly Mrs R goes, why don’t you work out something on people’s eating habits? And the only questions that struck my mind were:

  1. Do you eat with your hands?
  2. Do you make weird noises while you eat?
  3. How many spoons/forks would you require during a single meal?
  4. Do you poke people’s eyes with forks just for fun?
  5. Do you think have weird eating habits?

So Long.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. i really lyk the questions..try asking them to someome….:D

  2. Well yes, that is the goodness of free market, it tends to improve everybody.

    Hawkers are like rappers, speculators are like life savers.

    And yes, anything that restricts the free market (its freedom) (for example the government) is like the violent rapist.

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