Little Napoleon Bonaparte

It’s that time of the year again. Winter means sports at school.

I am probably known as the little Bonaparte because of the height, and the power and responsibilities. I remember someone calling me that, and I love it. I loved Napoleon in history too, what a stand he took.

Especially now that I’m comprehensively into watching only French movies as well, it’s all hitting back in some kind of a trance.

I feel like I was part of the French regime back then as well, all disciplined and what not. Even now, if given a chance, I would love to enroll into military school because I know I can handle it and I have the will and determination to be there. *Royal.*

But I guess, it’s too late for that.

At least I can be someone like that from within then, screaming “Left Right Left” not only on the outside along with all the commands that the contingent needs to follow, but teaching my own self something in the process.

It’s not about being rude. I bet there are many people who will not are not able to take it. No, I’m not being harsh, you just don’t have basic discipline within you.

Then again, not everyone is cut out for such sophistication because there’ll always be that girl whining away about her newly manicured (then chipped) fingernail.


x EdgyShark x


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