Riders On The Storm

This weekend was pretty good. I shoved all work aside, and just rested my brain cells while having absolutely no regrets for doing the same either.

The break that we took during theatre today was something really nice. Just doing your thing while listening to The Doors and Floyd in a nice big hall with nothing to worry about is something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time.

And I can borrow Avisek’s amazing cd collection, yay! Also, he’s inspired me to make one of my own with the best music, so even though I’m not really a cd person, I’m going to make myself one. Then get my own laptop within a month, and play my music. And then maybe get my own car in a couple of years and listen to the music there on long drives. Yes, I will drive 😛

After that, the big bang would be when I have my own apartment so that I can just play my music all the time.  I’m SO excited, I can hardly wait!

Also, I’m loving my role for the play. A schizophrenic Bourgeoisie brat, haha!

Jinx picked me up, and we went to a number of places. Thought we might as well abuse our car powers since we had a hot car, a chauffeur and no one to interfere 😀

First stop Pepper Tree. Then Mama Mia we tried the Irish coffee cake and a strawberry cheesecake over some really emotional talk that made us both cry so we decided to laugh a little instead by changing the subject to hairstyles or something trivial like that.

After taking our cappuccinos we decided to move to the Cream and Fudge Factory where we met with one of her chink friends. Very cute. xD

I finally decided that this city has a lack of good waffles, hot men, and great clothes.

Shopping for Jinxie’s parents was next on the agenda after which we walked some bazillion blocks to get to Kookie Jar for a nice truffle cake.

Like a dog without a bone and an actor on the run, riders on the storm. x

EdgyShark x


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  1. Some blog would have included Someone if you would have bothered coming over. -__-

  2. a very good way to rest your brain cells i must say!!!

  3. you missed the entire charade:

    Alliance Francais – PepperTree – Mamma Mia – CCD – Cream and Fudge – Tivoli Court – 22 Camac Street – Kookie Jar – Your place – My place.

    In four hours 😀

  4. “And an actor out on loan”

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