Ode To The Common People

In actuality, I wanted to pen down something here in relation to something someone special said about valuing entities in our very own gargantuan  universe.

I noticed that everyone has their own story. I mean, of course, a stupid thing to realise this late, but the thing is that I feel curious looking at different kinds of people as to what might be going on in their minds at that exact moment.

There’s so much pain, ethos, happiness and zeal all circulating all around us at the same time and we fail to recognize anything of that sort because we’re too immersed with our own habits and selves to even stop and look at the beauty of feelings that persist.

I’m afraid of making eye contact with anyone. Because when you make eye contact with a random stranger, I believe that at that time both your worlds connect in a way that nothing, not even the truth can be concealed from each other.

The eyes speak it all, and that’s perhaps the reason why we’re only close to a few people. Because to be close to a person means being a part of that person.

Langdon said, we are afraid of what we do not know. I try and take the chance to look at that other person. But what good is it going to do to me?

Maybe, for that moment, I’m connected to them in a seamless way, sans all restrictions, even if it’s for just a split second.

But it also means that they are being able to get an insight into you. And that’s how people exploit each other, nay?

So what do we do? Just ignore what we’re made of and walk past all the intricacy? And what if, in that way, you just ignored the most important asset of your existence?

x EdgyShark x


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