Technical Talk

It’s true: If you can’t convince them, confuse them. And I for one, am known to completely follow that policy.

Mrs R was doing her rounds while we were supposed to submit our ideas during economics for some sustainability project. And we had to tell her ‘something’ at the very least. Even our topic’s so lame, there’s hardly any scope for improvisation. I mean, how many slides can you fill by writing about refrigerators and air conditioners even if you use those words some twenty six times on a single slide, since they’re big and all, it’s not going to make sense.

The thing is, that no one was really interested in discussing aerosol and carbon emissions for the umpteenth time. Half the group was immersed in a Love Astrology book, (yeah, seriously) and the other half, that’s us, we were just laughing about ways to confuse Mrs R.

Ara suggested we use technical terms and she won’t even understand a thing so she’ll just go away from our table.

This is how our conversation went when the moment of truth arrived:

Mrs R: So what have you decided? *looks expectantly.*
Me: Well, we’re going to work on household appliances that release CFCs and lead to carbon emissions and ways to reduce them. We’re going to be speaking to Concern for Calcutta …. whatever blu-blah …. them”
Mrs R: Oh well, alright. But how are you going to go about it?
Kinzal: We’re going to make a powerpoint presentation. *Very smartly* 😛
Ara: *Softly* Say PPT, she’ll get stumped!!
Mrs R: I hate the man who invented powerpoint. *Laughs* Of course it’s going to be that, I meant how are you going to go about it?!
Me/Ara: *Go into a comprehensive six line discussion about the project.*
Mrs R:  Alright. Fine. And?
Ara: And we’ll do it on a PDF file. Acrobat reader, ma’am.
Mrs R: *Laughs.* Oh well, alright.
Everyone: *Laughing silently.*

Yeah, I don’t think she understood. Although, we didn’t use phrases like “And we’re going to add JPEG files for the pictography, and add AVI formatted videos to the presentation.” Because we were too busy laughing to our selves.

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  1. LOL! (That’s all)

  2. nice policy…planing to apply this on our teacher also..thanks for the idea! 🙂

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