Starr Is Awesome

Before I elucidate any further, I know Ezzie’s going to be mad because of this. So a post on Ezzie coming up too 😀 Maybe this month I’ll do posts on different people 😀

Starr is awesome. She has the hottest clothes, and some of the hottest/classiest dialogues and wit (the other half being Ezzie.) London baby! Everytime the recess bell rings at quarter to ten, I rush up to the ninth grade, not because I need something to do, but because I love her company.

She lets me vent, she whines with me. The best part being the nonsensical mush that we discuss, right, I’m admitting that I just might be a mush person too. Controlled amounts though, mind you 😛

She’s so much fun, a little princess like. I love parading around the campus with her, picking and sulking at the various subjects that reside in our kingdom and making fun of the Plebians 😀

I don’t think I have a cooler friend in the entirety that she is. She’s REAL funky punk in her own way. Right from the idiocy and annoyance that she can be, to the coolness that she is 😀

Love the music, the haaawt clothes, everything material too 😛

Love you, Starr xx

P.S. Don’t listen to Jay Sean’s Down like how I do a billion times. The word “Down” has begun sounding weird to me.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Aww that was a very sweet post. 🙂

  2. Awww..Most genius ❤ 🙂 *5 Starrs*

  3. You read my mind, I’m not really excited about this.
    Go away.

  4. So cute! 🙂

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