Cute Little Alien’s Test (CLAT)

I’m like, Starr I need to leave because I have a mock CLAT. She says to me, what’s that? Cute Little Alien’s Test?

Till the time they asked me to fill in my name and other details, it was all good. I hadn’t even had any preparation for the thing, just went ahead for the sake of an experience, and a reason good enough to dodge watching that ghastly new pop flick, New Moon with my cousins.

Colouring little circles with a pencil can be fun, but only for the first twenty times. After reaching three hundred, it gets boring. I opened the question booklet and to my horror the words registered in my head: Section I: Mathematics.

I tried. Of course I tried. I wrote down a bunch of numbers on the rough sheet and after precisely forty two seconds of racking my brain with math, I simply skipped twenty questions ahead and went on to the English section.

Logical reasoning, general knowledge, legal aptitude, all followed suit and I answered mostly everything I knew. Yet, I don’t still know whether this is what I want to take up.

Towards the evening though, Avisek suggested we go to this French festival of letters, part of Bonjour India, so we went along, and it was so enlightening to hear Amit Chaudhuri and Laurent Mauvignier speak about phenomenons of society related to culture and literature, and the part they have been playing in the global world today.

And it felt much awesome-er than the CLAT mock in the morning. I have a feeling, that that is what I want. Unless of course the CLAT really did stand for an Alien test of sorts. Funkay xD

*Epiphany Alert*

x EdgyShark x

P.S Loser, you won the bet. I don’t fit into those Miss Lee’s and it’s the end of the week. Wait, wait. I *let* you win.


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  1. Jimi, stop trying to get my friend to starve.

  2. I am not. It was a challenge, which she accepted gladly. So in a way, she was abiding by the challenge, which is really appreciated by me.

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