Rebel Yell !!

Winter’s here and believe you me, winter’s not winter if you haven’t lost your voice even once during the season.

I needed like hot tea today for some damage control. I screamed during march past and everything came out like “Atte*cough cough* ntio *cough cough cough* Attention.. (very faintly.)” A little excitement did creep up though, yay, the voice is going.

I tried singing along to the lyrics of some Porcupine Tree Song, and I sounded like a dog making desperate attempts to bray. (Alright, not that bad, but you get the picture!) Beating the drums was fun though. After a long time, even though it was just a marching drum and not the real six piece acoustic kit.

I think I’ll look forward to using a tiny scratch pad and a funky pen that’s too big to even fit in my fingers to make attempts to write down all my orders and point them out to the Plebeians people.

Or not.

Heck, I’m still alive and kicking, aren’t I? *Schizo schizo schizo*

You might think Im crazy, but I think I’ll now proceed to just go pop in some ice cubes to completely sound like a horse.

x EdgyShark x

P.S And then I’ll try and scream. And I’ll sound like what does Elton John on weed sound like? an awesome-er freak than what I already am.


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  1. lol !! losing ur voice … i kno what that feels like !!

    nice article btw !!

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