Trying To Attain: Nirvana

It’s not that easy, especially when you worship people like Jim Morrison and have no access to weed. Not that that’s necessary for attaining Nirvana or having weirdly vivid dreams of Kurt Cobain, but well. You know what they say.

Current state of mind: HeadACHE. And all due to voluntary standing under the sun and subjecting my fragile mind to an excess amount of Vitamin D from 9am to 2pm. Mental, I’m telling you.

Currently playing: Haru Haru – BigBang. The last time I heard this Korean song was exactly a year ago, and it’s all coming back to me now.

Ishan’s here. And he’s trying to be as Indian as possible, following the whole when in India, be Indian norm. So tomorrow it’s probably going to be some weird hindi movie, a lot of daab paani, and god knows what else fun.

I cannot sleep. I’m not having parallel trips. I want to have weird but nice dreams, the kinds that leave you smiling when you wake up. But I have no idea how to achieve that, so I’m probably going to download Sigmund Freud audiobooks next.

Also, Nirvana. The newest addition to my family is a tiny little baby boy called “Moksh.” Which means Nirvana in hindi. So Moksh, honey, when you’re seventeen and hot, I’ll help you attain all the Nirvana you want to attain. xD Wow, I’ll be 34 then. *old.*

Why do I feel so dead and gone?

x EdgyShark x


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