The Truth About Chocolate

I think you know what the truth is. And I don’t really have to explain it to you. Maybe it’s there in the back of your subconscious, so all I’m doing is bringing it to the front notice board.

Chocolate might seem all heavenly and everything, but the ugly truth lies in the fact that it sucks, Plebeian-lingo speaking wise. It just makes you fat and leaves you wanting more and more. I don’t understand why people crave for chocolate so much, I mean you’d rather have a craving for avocados and that’s at least healthy.

You know the truth about Charlie? Well there isn’t one? Just like that, chocolate fools your senses into believing that it’s the one thing you can rely on if you’ve had a bad day, a break up, or something to celebrate. And that’s the catch. You fall for it once, it becomes really hard to mend your ways.

I’m telling you, chocolate and I have become mortal enemies now, since the last few weeks. Every time I do try a hint of amiability towards a tiny morsel, my lungs begin to expand and my intestines throw it all up and out.

It will trap you into believing that it’s the most you can reach out to heaven on earth. And if you want that, why don’t you just go for a vacation on a nice beach or mountain range somewhere?!

You want hell? You come to me. Don’t eat chocolate.

It’s a sin you will repent.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. You cant even stand thick gooey chocolate dessert, the kind Nigella Lawson makes?

    You want heaven, then you eat chocolates.
    And man. Avocados are positively disgusting.

  2. I LOVE Nigella Lawson. Always have, really. And Curtis, of Take Home Chef. And Shane-O. Basically everyone who can cook =)

  3. Ooo baby,you give chocolate a bad name! 😛

  4. i totally agree with u.. i dont hate hate chocolate but i dont crave it either.. vanilla ic is what i crave 24/7

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  6. Rindo Ramankutty

    I see withdrawal symptoms kicking in. 😛

  7. just hopped on to your blog from indivine…liking what I am reading here.

    You are so right about chocolate. It is extremely addictive.

    My new year’s resolution this year is to ban chocolate as much as possible, but I have already fallen off the wagon. But I have decided to dust it off and start again tomorrow.

    Wish me luck!

  8. Craving for avocados! I wish!!

  9. What about dark chocolate?? I heard its healthy 🙂

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