You Know I Want You

  1. Italian Men:
    Every man knows in his heart there’s a Mexican mistress, but I’m not really sure if there’s such an Italian hottie for every woman. Nevertheless, it’s always been about men from Italy. They’re hot: Point blank. If you want a holiday, go to Italy. If you already have a man, ditch him and then go to Italy. Of course, don’t abuse me if you end up with a scoundrel who takes away all your cash and integrity. *Smirks*
  2. Boxer Shorts:
    This might just turn out to be a guilty pleasures list of my own, but seriously, I don’t think I’m the only one who finds them Hot: Point blank. Especially the checked print ones. Red checks, blue checks, and otherwise go ahead and get yourself weird funky ones that remind you of Lady GaGa (honestly though, I don’t know why you would do that,) but if you want to give yourself a treat, wear them and strut around. They look hot, you feel hot. No man? No problem. Boxers look hotter on women anyway.
  3. Ferrero Rocher:
    One bite, and it’s like heaven fell into your mouth. I know, I hate chocolates in general, but FR isn’t just a piece of chocolate coated crap. It’s much much more than even an entire meal. You got fifteen minutes and one box of FR. What do you do? Correct answer: Deee-Hot:Point blank-licious!
  4. Driving:
    Men can’t take it when there’s a female counterpart behind the wheel. And they’ll whine and cringe, but we all know it’s Hot: Point blank. And it’s not just women who drive for the sake of it. I’d like someone like me: Driving, driving fast. With passion. So that’s driving and Kimi Raikkonen then. *Grin.*

  5. Shoes:
    Question: How hot are shoes?
    Answer: Hot: Point blank.
    Shoes are the hottest extra one can accessorize with. Blahniks, C&K, Ferragamo. I think another time I enter a heaven like place, it’s because of this fifth thing on the list. OMG, how can you not like shoes?

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  1. starbucksfairy

    I don’t knwo what to say! We should make this a weekly event.

  2. edgy u wrote abt chocolates..

  3. awesomeness

  4. bumped into this by chance…funny read 🙂
    dont know about italian men but costa rican women sure are a take-away…maybe someone should post on them

  5. Wow! You really got to know men well! 😀

  6. You are actually right !

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