Unattached Vibrant Living

My mom says she’s going to live like a hippie in the Himalayas once ‘you kids are settled with your lives and gone.’
Settled, and me? Just because I put on some corporate clothes and look awesomely professional, doesn’t mean my path’s set. But I guess that’s the best part of living each day and not knowing what opportunities it’s going to throw your way. And ultimately though, I will be hitch hiking across countries. No, I’m not going to pay for licenses to cross the border because the universe wasn’t made so that people had to actually pay to look at the beautiful mountains and trees.
Unattached, with nature. Loving it, living every moment, learning through the various experiences life throws my way.
Even though I don’t like thinking about the future, one thing’s for sure: It’s going to be awesome.
x EdgyShark x

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  1. i am reading so many blogs from different quarters these days that it helps to gulp my time smoothly.
    This post is certainly one of the most refreshing post on your blog.

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