Dancing In The Dark

I’d read about something related to dancing in Paulo Coelho’s Brida and it really got to me in a way that I find it absolutely true.

It’s all about random movements. It doesn’t matter if you’re like one of them stars from So You Think You Can Dance. Because it’s all about attuning yourself to the rhythm of the universe. And if you can do that, then Voila! like Monsieur Martinez says it, haha.


Dancing is a hell lot of fun. And not just with people, doing it in solitude is even better. Because it provides  matter of conformity to one’s own self and the feeling, if you can feel it, well. There’s nothing like it.

It’s all about listening to the world and how it’s calling out to you. It’s all about how you respond back to the elements of the universe with your serene movements. You’re abstractly swaying to the music of the cosmos, and you can never go wrong once you’ve begun.

And P.S This was me, not Paulo.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. edgy, along with your writing, what has started fascinating me truly are the visuals that you paste, they truly compliment not just the written matter but are sometimes ethereal to the eyes. kudos.

  2. Now why on earth would you read Coelho when so many fabulous writers exist?

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