Weekly Contest

Lately, I’ve been getting some really cool comments on the blog. So I decided to have  a weekly contest for the best comment throughout the week, I think that was quite obvious if you paid enough non-diverted attention to the caption.

I don’t think I have to elaborate more, but if you are interested, then it all started with this comment: “You don’t get high by having polo and water. Don’t come up with retarded ideas on your blog,” thrown in by Maha Kali.

It cracked me up to the extent of this brainwave, so good for you. Which also means that how much ever nonsense I type in here, you need to surpass the level and beat me enough to be proclaimed the winner of this weekly thing.

Week starts every Sunday, and the winning comment will be announced Saturday night! Here’s your chance to criticize, be witty and sharp.

Have fun, keep reading, and be Edgy!

x EdgyShark x


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Posted on January 23, 2010, in The EdgyShark For You. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. you are the best blogger in town…no one’s better than you
    (which cooment can be better than you? ;)!)

  2. whooaaa…!!!! thats a swell.. idea 😉
    your giving me some stuff to do on my corporate blogs gal 😛
    yea… we’ve blogs in our company.. and i’ve a coupla successful series there.. and i had kinds run out of ideas as to what to put up next month.. now you’re givin me sumthin to think about 😉
    ofcourse ur idea is patented.. i wud give you enough footage.. but u jus popped in a zabraakoo idea for me to pick up as a series in my corporate blogosphere..
    thanks gal..
    oh BTW i’m not sure if this qualifies as a good comment as i jus read up u said u dont believe in flattery 😛 but this one’s not.. i wud let u knw how the idea picks up in my office 😉
    but i wud start only FEB 😀 so i’l keep u posted then.. and all the best for your contest 😀

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