The Cute Little Cook

I’m so late on the blog today, and despite being tired, I’m going to write a few lines anyway.

I was at Indus Valley after a very long time today, and we ordered a Vegetable gratin. I don’t know what the waiter was thinking, but he brought us the food over an hour later and we began eating.

Alright, I’ve really described things most mundanely uptil now. Anyway, we’re eating and we’re almost done, when suddenly Ezzie goes,

“Why’s this so rubberry?” And Palak answers, “Because it’s chicken.”

No, we don’t really have a problem eating non vegetarian food, but to a veggie, that’s always a sort of a question mark over the platterof food. So obviously, we put our forks down and looked at Palak expectantly to finish the entire meal.

The waiter then proposes to make a change in the gratin and bring us what we wanted, so we’re waiting, once again. And we’re waiting.

And we’re waiting, and waiting a little more.

Finally, Palak leaves the table. And Ezzie and I begin conversing about her school trip and forget all about the third freak. Gradually, we begin to wonder where she went.

I look at the waiter, and say, “She’s gone into the kitchen to make that dish, hasn’t she?” And he nods his head in approval. Of course, this doesn’t happen everywhere, only because her aunt owns the restaurant.

And then she comes out of the kitchen after a long time with a big smile and food for us, it was the cutest thing I witnessed today 😀

x EdgyShark x


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