Weekly Contest Winner #2

Winning Comment:

SaintGenie on Never Say Goodbye:

Whoa! Every other time that I read your blogs, I can’t help but notice how you’re maturing at almost super – sonic speeds. Feels like ages have passed since I spoke to on the phone on New Year’s. Which waters was the Shark in then? And where is she now? I agree with #3. This is intense. But its so true as well.
Emotions are generally tricky to deal with, requiring just the right amount of sentimentality, the delicate touch as well the pin-prick that forces you to think.
I loved it!
Bravo, love!

Congratulations SaintGenie, you have won yourself a post on whatever you want. Seriously, anything you want written, and I’ll come up with some awesome thoughts. Sorry, it’s not a tangible award.

Also, Sharkians please note that the reward you get depends on the post that you’ve commented on. Say, if the winning comment had been for Male Chauvinist Pigs, I might have presented the winner with a printing press 😛

Be Edgy.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. As the Jap Samurai would proudly bow down and say, “The honour… is mine.”
    Will come up with something in due time.

  2. Dear Miss xESx,

    So I have this friend of mine, who happens to be a superhero – of – sorts by night. This alter ego of his, however unknown he might be to the general intelligentsia, practically saves lives in this suburb of ours. Make way for “Jaguar Paw”.
    So, here’s what I want you to do: Write an episode about Jaguar Paw. Create a sidekick, an evil nemesis, a lady love, a weak spot and a good plot and you shall have my endless gratitude. You could also put in a little something about intoxication, subject to your discretion.
    (For reference, you could read through my notes on Jaguar Paw on FB.)
    Let me know if its cool, or if you want me to think about something else.
    ! Power Extreme !

    • Give me one flight journey, and it will be done. Which equals out to one week, I’ll have plenty of time alone on an airplane this weekend. See ya 😀

  3. Works for me. 7 days for a piece of creative genius…? Sounds like a good deal. You’re on!

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