A Suitcase And Broken Heels

Hopping onto aircrafts always somehow intrigued me. I love how one can travel over seas and mountains and reach a different country altogether just in time for a native dinner.

Although, this time, I think just because I wanted my ride to be memorable, it had to come back and hit me on my face. While going to Mumbai, I happened to look hot and have creepy men all around me. Seriously, there was this one man, who thought himself to be a real corporate hot-shot of some kind, and despite my indirect snide remarks towards him, just wouldn’t move away from me.

I have a sneaky feeling he even arranged his boarding pass to be somewhat numbered like mine, but he didn’t know that my mom and aunt split and sat in front, while I took my little cousin sister right at the back of the air plane. Coming to which, it can turn out to be a real problem.

You’re sitting right at the back with your headphones blaring excellent music and having the time of your life. And eventually along, the air hostesses “accidentally” miss you out, and later tell you that there’s no breakfast left. So you have to depend on the little sister’s charms to grab a bunch of free cookies and then hog on them in order to fill your tummy for the rest of the morning.

On my way back, I was practically tied on a leash held onto by a bunch of relatives. Fortunately, we had separate flights, but you know the deal. Whenever you’re with family, you’re bound to reach a couple of hours earlier, wait at the airport and spread out an undesired picnic. But no, it’s not embarrassing if you’re getting to fulfil your weekly Barista cravings.

There’s really not much one can do at the airport anyway. I tried, but my intentions were restricted. Plus, I don’t know what parts of my mind I was missing the most, the people I left behind, the people I still haven’t met, or the people I was going to meet again. And in the process, I managed to snap the pencil heel of my favourite pair of black Vie & Vies. So I just went ahead and treated myself to a couple of Red Bulls to get my mind to switch on again, but to no avail.

And it’s not really fun when there are a bunch of kids wailing their lungs out on the craft. So I just kinda crawled onto the last three seats left at the back and curled up with my non-existent thoughts. Holy crap, WHERE ARE THEY!?

x EdgyShark x


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  1. loved the last line.. Holy crap, WHERE ARE THEY!? 🙂 🙂

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